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Locations, Clearances, and Ventilation

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

When choosing the location of your fire feature, it’s important to remember three things: the base (what is below the fire pit), the clearances to combustible materials around the feature, and the ventilation.

Location and Base

Ideally, the location will be a flat, level surface. A non-combustible base beneath the fire feature is recommended. Poured concrete, bricks, stone pavers, sand, or gravel are great choices for this. Note, the cavity of the fire feature must not be filled, the above recommendations are for the base of the feature only. Since gas fire features do not produce sparks, it is not necessary that the base extend outside the dimensions of the fire pit.

The location should have sufficient horizontal room to enjoy the fire feature while allowing a safe distance from the heat and flame. It should also be easily accessible for installation and maintenance.


The distances between flame and combustible materials is very important. A vertical clearance of at least 120” from the burner to a combustible structure or other combustible materials is required. Horizontal or lateral clearances of at least 36” between the edge of the burner and combustible materials is required, including structures and seating.


Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners are for outdoor use only in a well-ventilated area and also require that the fire pit itself be vented below the burner with a minimum of 36 square inches of ventilation on opposing sides of the feature. (Example: Two 3”x6” or larger vents.)

Before installing, it’s a good idea to review your city’s requirements regarding fire features. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for location, clearances, and ventilation in order to keep you safe and your fire feature operating smoothly.

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