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Anatomy of a Gas Fire Feature

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Gas fire features are all made up of the same basic components – enclosure, ventilation, plate, burner, ignition, and media. Read on to learn more about the necessities and customizable elements of your new fire feature.

Illustration of a fire feature
Anatomy of a Fire Feature


Enclosures come in all shapes, sizes, heights and materials. Fire bowls, tables, and vessels are a popular choice for a modern look, while a paver kit is the more traditional fire pit route. Warming Trends® Ready-to-Finish Kits offer simple and fast fire feature construction, ready to install and be completed with your choice of veneer.



Ventilation is required for air flow and water drainage. Excess gas and heat can build up inside the enclosure without proper ventilation and air flow is necessary for ignition systems to operate properly.

Fire features should include 18 square inches of ventilation on either side of the pit (36" total)

Plate or Pan

The interior dimension of the fire pit enclosure will dictate the size of plate or pan necessary. Warming Trends plates and pans are designed to transfer less heat to the ignition systems below, are made from aluminum, come in standard shapes and sizes, and feature strategically placed drainage vents. Pans come standard with a 2” welded sidewall.

Plate or Pan

CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner

The best part! Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners are built for liquid propane or natural gas connections (specified at time of order), come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any enclosure and can also be custom designed to fit any unique requirements you may have in mind.

CROSSFIRE Brass Burner

Connector Fittings and Ignition Systems

Light your fire feature with the simplicity of a match, the push of a button or the flip of a switch. The size of your burner will indicate your connector fittings but the decision on how to ignite your burner is up to you. All CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners come standard as match lit but electronic ignitions are easy to add on.

Connector Fittings and Ignition Systems

Electronic Accessories

If you choose the electronic ignition route, you’ll have your choice of remotes, dial timers and emergency stops (which are recommended for commercial projects.)

Electronic Add-Ons


Media is placed on top of the burner and helps to distribute the gas to create a more natural flame pattern. Choose from lava rock, fire glass, ceramic or steel logs sets – or mix and match for a more custom design.

Media - Log Sets, Glass, or Rock

Of course, don’t forget to cover it. Protecting your fire pit and burner from the elements when not in use is important for the Warming Trends® warranty, particularly for electronic ignitions. Our brushed aluminum covers come in standard sizes or can be made to fit.


Learn about the simple and easy maintenance of a gas fire feature.

Ready to install a fire feature in your backyard? Find a dealer near you or choose from one of our trusted online retailers.


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