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Burners and Project Planning

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Building your fire feature is a lot easier than it appears!

The shape of the fire feature is important to optimize space. For example, a linear feature works well in a narrow space while a round fire pit is great for a larger space with room for more to gather. We offer a variety of burners to fit the specifications of your personal outdoor space.

Once you’ve decided on direction for your fire feature, here is an overview of the steps for planning the project:

  • Determine gas line size and fuel type

  • Measure and identify interior dimensions of the fire pit

  • Select a burner based on size, BTU availability and fuel type.

  • Choose the corresponding plate or pan size.

  • Choose an ignition system.

  • Add optional accessories like remote controls, dial timers and emergency stops, lava rock, fire glass and more.

Ready to learn more? Hear everything you need to know about our various burners, and get some details around project planning in the video below.



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