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Isolation Inspiration, Part II: The Backyard Has Not Been Cancelled

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Backyards across the country have not been cancelled. If anything, they’re being utilized more these days. If you find yourself dreaming of a backyard remodel, whether it’s for yourself or the projects you’re excited to get back to creating, we’ve put together another set of ‘Isolation Inspiration’ to help you dream up the perfect outdoor space.

Known for creating beautiful outdoor living spaces, MainStay Landscape chose a 400K BTU Custom H-Style CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner for this project.

Fire pit, pergola, water feature – oh my! Hardscape Ottawa created this cozy outdoor living space around a CBF120 CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner and Techo-Bloc graphix wall fire feature. (And yes, you can have a structure over a fire feature, just be sure to consult our Locations, Clearances, and Ventilation information.)

Specializing in hand-crafted concrete vessels and fabrication, Mark Schreck Concrete Designs creates modern firebowls and vessels that are easy to install and ready to light.

Fire is typically used as a primary focal point to your outdoor living space – gathering around the fire is a tradition as old as fire itself. But Sensenig’s Landscape Supply knows that adding a few accents of fire to your design can really light things up.

We’re ready to get back to happy hour on the patio of our favorite watering hole but until then, we’re admiring the work from Mom’s Design Build at Cov Restaurant in Minnesota.

We’re glad to see our partners at Doolittle Distributing are staying safe and staying home. “Having our new Warming Trends® fire pit burner and steel log set has made it a lot easier to be home.” (Jack Doolittle, President)

A single capstone and colorful fire glass steal the show on this modern take from our partners at Montana Fire Pits.

Stay in and stay cozy! Connect with us on social for more Isolation Inspiration!


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1 Comment

Looks great! Amazing job. Can you tell me about the slurry you added over the concrete? Was this to create a smooth surface to polish? How much Portland to water did you use? Thanks for posting

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