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Freight Shipments: What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Freight

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

When your Warming Trends® order includes product too large to ship via a standard carrier (i.e. UPS), it will be shipped to you via “freight.” It will be placed on a pallet, shipped and delivered via a freight company. Examples of Warming Trends® products that typically ship via freight include plates, burners and covers that are 36” or larger in diameter, custom units, orders that require 4 or more large boxes, has 4 or more bags of lava, and any plate/burner that includes a 3 Volt or Premium ignition.

The following bullet points include answers to frequently asked questions and important information relating to freight shipments:

Warming Trends product packaged on a pallet ready to be shipped via freight
Freight shipment on a pallet ready to be shipped
  • Freight shipments are packaged on a wooden pallet. They are placed on a pallet to protect the product and also allow the shipment (which can be quite heavy and bulky) to be moved by a forklift, pallet jack or hand truck.

  • Like standard carriers, freight companies provide tracking information for each shipment. The tracking number is emailed with the invoice the day after the order ships. It will be sent to the default email address on file with Warming Trends. This map provides estimates on how many days it will take an item to ship from our facility in Denver, CO to states throughout the US and Canada.

  • Freight carriers use various sized trucks for delivery, including full size tractor trailers. If the delivery street is too small to accommodate a large truck, please let us know when placing the order. If the order has already shipped, we can coordinate with you and the freight company to discuss alternatives.

  • Warming Trends® requires a contact phone number be included with each order. That number will be forwarded to the freight company, to schedule a delivery appointment. Appointments are typically a 2-4-hour window, scheduled Monday through Friday. A delivery appointment is a requirement – the shipment will not be delivered without an agreed to date and time. If a customer cannot be reached to arrange delivery, storage fees for undelivered freight will begin accruing 24 hours after reaching the destination terminal. Fees will continue until the shipment is delivered. Storage fees include a minimum charge of $50 per shipment plus a minimum daily storage fee of $20. These fees will be charged to and are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Freight shipments are “driveway delivery”, meaning the shipment will be taken off the truck via a lift gate, pallet jack or hand truck (provided by the delivery company) and placed on the driveway or curbside area directly outside of the truck. The freight company is not responsible to move the item beyond this location.

  • While uncommon, shipments to some commercial properties are subject to additional charges by the freight company. If your order is for a business, please let us know if that business location has any unique access issues that could inhibit or limit delivery.

  • Once the shipment is off the truck: - Inspect the packaging for damage. If there is any evidence of damage, please write “DAMAGED” on paperwork before signing. Immediately take pictures of the damage and contact Warming Trends (877-556-5255 or by email) for assistance. If there is extensive damage you may consider refusing the shipment. - If no damage is visible, open all packaging and confirm each item on the pack list was included in your shipment. If anything is missing, please contact Warming Trends® immediately at (877-556-5255 or by email) for assistance. - Install and enjoy!


Choose the best location for your fire feature using our Locations, Clearances, and Ventilation guide, then learn the best practices for maintaining your fire feature once it has been installed.

Questions? Our Flame Consultants are here to help! Call us at 877-556-5255.


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