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Warming Trends® Brand Story from our friends at Woodland Direct

We work with the best of the best in the industry. Woodland Direct recently interviewed our Warming Trends® team to share the story behind the brand. The full article can be found our their site by clicking here.

Thank you Woodland Direct. Read the article and the kind words they shared below. Full copyright belongs to Woodland Direct.


Warming Trends® is on a mission to revolutionize gas burner technology. 2018 was the biggest growth year for this Colorado-based company and with so much attention, it's doubling down and investing in every aspect of its processes to make sure it stays on top as the leading performer and innovator in the fire industry.

Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE® brass burners have revolutionized the gas burner industry. CROSSFIRE® burners feature Venturi Jet Technology, which creates a high-velocity gas flow to pull more oxygen into the jet chambers. The oxygen and gas exit the jets at such a rapid rate it creates a super-charged flame - one that is brighter, fuller, and taller than that produced by any other burner on the market.

“We can design just about anything and make it a reality pretty quickly. We’ll make a system for you that no one else in the world has.”

“Warming Trends’® technology is unique, and the technology is better. Not only are CROSSFIRE® jetted burners more efficient, but they perform better, producing far more flame with superior movement compared to a standard ring burner, “ says Bryan Small, Regional Sales Manager for Warming Trends®, “The flames really start to dance and mimic a wood fire.”

Warming Trends® prides itself on the ability to bring your fire feature to life with their custom-made burners. “We can design just about anything and make it a reality pretty quickly. We’ll make a system for you that no one else in the world has,” says Small.

A few memorable projects in Warming Trends’® repertoire include a shark-fin-shaped fire pit for a Jimmy Buffet bar that produces 1.6 million BTUs, the Wonder Woman exhibit at Six Flags Fiesta featuring 6 intense gas fire bowls, and a 20ft garden with the burner inlaid under boulder rock to give the appearance of fire coming out of the ground.

Wonder Woman Exhibit at Six Flags Fiesta featuring Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners

When you purchase a CROSSFIRE® burner, you’re supporting US manufacturing in its truest form. A small, but mighty group of around 30 employees handcrafts each burner from solid brass in Warming Trends’® Colorado-based manufacturing facility. The burners are rigorously tested and are backed by a lifetime warranty, along with Warming Trends’® unsurpassed customer service.

With 2018 being its largest year for manufacturing, and in anticipation of even bigger things to come, Warming Trends® is making significant investments in its staff, machinery, and processes.

Boulder Garden with a custom Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner

The State of Colorado is supporting Warming Trends® with training grants to improve office and shop processes, and efficiency. With new ownership in tow, Warming Trends® is on the cusp of becoming a major contender in the global burner industry.

Tim and Voni Flaherty purchased Warming Trends® in April 2018 with one thing in mind – innovation. They saw the potential of Warming Trends® and its CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner and knew they could elevate the company to be the leading producer of innovative burner technology.

“We’re making some pretty cool discoveries. We’ve been combing through why we do what we do…and how to do it better.”

Tim and Voni are bringing a new perspective to Warming Trends®. Voni, who has a background in sales, is working to develop the sales and marketing teams, while Tim is overhauling the product and manufacturing sides of the business.

Tim was the general manager of several businesses at Caterpillar, at one point overseeing 5,000 employees across 17 manufacturing locations throughout the world. “His experience brings a new approach to the industry. It’s a different scale of lean manufacturing and how to become more efficient,” Small says of Tim.

This custom fire pit perfectly illustrates the stunning, intense flames a CROSSFIRE® burner can produce

Together, Tim and Voni are a power couple. Their combined expertise in sales, product development, and manufacturing is just what Warming Trends® needs to propel its innovation and growth into the future.

Warming Trends® is taking time to invest in engineering, state-of-the-art machinery, a larger manufacturing facility, product development, and sustainable processes. “We’re making some pretty cool discoveries,” says Small, “We’ve been combing through why we do what we do…and how to do it better.”

Venturi Jet Technology produces taller, brighter, fuller flames mimicking the look of a wood burning fire

Challenging industry norms, thinking outside of the box, and finding creative solutions to meet their customers’ needs are all ways Warming Trends® plans to stay at the forefront of their industry in 2019 and beyond.

With their continued focus on product development, engineering, and forward-thinking, Warming Trends® is committed to developing the best and most innovative products on the market in order to provide a superior user experience.


Are you looking to join the Warming Trends® team? Contact one of our flame consultants today and let's get you started.

Thanks again to the team over at Woodland Direct for this great brand story!


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