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Six Steps to FIRE!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Whether you’re converting a wood-burning fire pit to gas or starting from scratch, choosing the right CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner for you can be done in six simple steps.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the interior dimensions of the opening of the enclosure.

If you are designing from the ground up, give us a call to discuss custom options!

Step 2: Choose a plate (or pan)

Choose a plate or pan that corresponds to the interior dimension of the enclosure’s opening. (Pans come standard with a 2” welded sidewall.)

The best part – choosing a burner! The shape of your fire pit will help you determine the burner style best suited to your pit. The interior dimension or the pit determine the maximum size burner you should consider. Remember, CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners are designed to create a 24” flame with the correct gas supply, so a larger burner isn’t always necessary. We recommend a minimum of 3” of clearance between the burner and the interior of the fire pit (i.e. if your interior dimension is 24”, you’ll want a burner that is 18” or smaller in diameter). If you have a standard sized fire feature, check out our Burner Match for Common Interior Dimensions list.

CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners are specifically designed for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane. The gas type must be specified to complete your order.

Step 4: Choose an ignition (or not)

All CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners come as ‘Match Lit Ignitions,’ meaning once the unit is connected to gas, just turn the key valve and light the burner. Push button and electronic ignition systems are also available.

Step 5: Complete the look

Go the classic route with a ceramic or steel log set or choose something more contemporary with vibrantly colorful fire glass.

Step 6: Fire it up!

Once installed and tested by a licensed gas professional, you’re ready to enjoy your new gas fire feature!

Choosing the right CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner system for your customer can be done quickly and easily.

Have questions? Get in touch – we’d love to help. Call 877-556-5255 or e-mail us at


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