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Customer Spotlight: Nisho

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Landscape architects Chris Turner and Paul Wrona had been creating innovative outdoor living spaces for years and were repeatedly running into the same problem: they were unable to find quality, tasteful solutions for fire features that met their design standards. “We wanted something that was impressive when it was on and still looked like a piece of art when it was off,” says Turner. Unable to find what they needed, Studio Nisho was born.

Handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), each Studio Nisho vessel is designed with everyday life in mind – contemporary designs, space for food or drink, made from materials that won’t discolor or stain, and tough enough to withstand the elements.

Once they had perfected the vessel designs, Chris and Paul focused their attention on finding a burner system to fit their high standards. The flame within had to match the quality of the surrounding vessel. “There’s nothing worse than turning on a fire pit, no matter how beautiful, and the flame is just ‘meh,” says Wrona. The Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE® Brass Burners were the perfect solution. Crossfire burners produce the most impressive flames of any burner on the market. Taller, brighter and fuller - they replicate a natural, wood burning fire. They are also the most fuel-efficient burners available and carry a lifetime warranty.

Warming Trends® and Studio Nisho paired seamlessly and immediately began collaborating. “Both companies go above and beyond from both design and manufacturing perspectives,” says Turner. “It’s a partnership that just makes sense.” Studio Nisho and Warming Trends® will continue to work together, focusing on designing beautiful, innovative and functional centerpieces for outdoor living spaces.

Learn more here about the Studio Nisho fire features and the CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner.


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