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Warming Trends® Featured in gb&d Magazine

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Over the summer, we were thrilled to sit down with gb&d magazine to discuss why Warming Trends® partners consistently choose us for their projects. We connected on fuel efficiency, our patented technology, and custom designed fire features.

See excerpts below or read the whole feature at gb&d.

Steel Ring Burner vs CFB180 Original CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner

"Whether it’s a gas-starved pit or a burner that’s over-consuming and underperforming, a CROSSFIRE® burner may offer the perfect solution. 'The reason fuel efficiency matters to our company is because it can really matter to our customers,' Flaherty says."

Learn more about our patented technology here.

"'The modularity of our burner systems together with our Colorado-based production facility gives us the most design creativity and liberty in the industry. That combination also gives us a very short custom turnaround time from design to delivery,' Flaherty says."

Have a custom idea in mind? We want to hear about it.

Read the whole feature at gb&


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