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Gas Fire Features vs Wood Burning

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Gas fire features are a great solution when you have convenience, safety, and aesthetics in mind for your backyard. Whether you’re considering converting a wood fire pit to gas or installing a new feature entirely, a gas fire feature is easier to use and maintain.

Ease of Use

Natural gas and propane are clean burning and smoke free. Although that campfire smell can be appealing at first, it lingers in hair and clothing for days and smoke can be extremely irritating to the eyes, particularly for those with allergies or sensitivity to smoke.

Collecting wood, transporting it, and maintaining a wood burning fire is messy. Purchasing wood can be costly and chopping wood takes time, energy, and a very steady hand.

Wood burning flames can get out of control very easily. With a gas fire pit, you can control the flame height just by turning the key valve. Have your fire pit running at full capacity within seconds for instant warmth and when you’re done, there’s no clean up or waiting for the flame to go out – just turn it off.


Wood burning can be dangerous and even illegal in some places. Gas fire pits are the perfect solution for dry areas that follow strict burn bans and there are no sparks or embers to potentially cause fires that can spread out of control. Many municipalities do not allow for wood burning fire pits but do allow certified gas burners installed by a professional.


Gas fire features can come in all shapes, sizes, and custom designs. From a hollowed-out boulder to a fire table with seating for 12, a custom burner can be designed for any space.

Accentuate a pool design or water feature with a unique fire pit or flame – and turn it on with the flip of a switch.

A wood burning fire feature on a wooden, composite or vinyl deck is unsafe. Sparks and embers are a concern as well as the radiant heat transferred to the deck surface. Gas fire features still have clearance requirements but do not produce sparks that could set your deck alight.

With so many options for veneer and media, your gas fire feature is completely customizable. Still want the campfire look? Ceramic and steel log sets are available.

When deciding between a gas or wood fire feature, the choice is easy. A convenient, safe, and customizable gas fire pit is perfect for your backyard or patio.


Learn about how easy maintenance of your gas fire feature really is.

Customize media choices to complement your fire feature.

Easy turn your wood burning fire pit into a clean burning gas feature with our Universal Paver Kits.


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