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Certifications: The Facts and Nothing but the Facts

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Note: This article was updated December 2020 per updates to the Warming Trends® certification list.

Certifications: The Facts and Nothing but the Facts

There is a lot of misleading information out there regarding certification of products like our own. Having the most up-to-date and accurate information is important to us, to our partners, and to our customers, so we have compiled the following facts to keep you informed.

FACT: The ANSI Z21.97/CSA 2.41-2017 standards ARE NOT NEW

Some testing requirements of the ANSI/CSA joint standard were published in 2017 but became effective recently, including an additional rain test. All Warming Trends® burners and products indicated as "Certified" in our literature and/or on our website have been subjected to and passed all ANSI/CSA testing requirements, including all wind tests and the 2020 rain test.

FACT: Warming Trends® products ARE certified to the new test standards

In order to maintain certifications, companies such as Warming Trends®, which sell outdoor fire feature products, were required to submit products for testing to the new standards. Warming Trends® uses the International Code Council (“ICC”) as our independent certifying agency for ANSI/CSA compliance. Warming Trends® submitted the applicable products for testing and the testing confirmed that our Certified products comply with all current ANSI/CSA standards, including all wind and rain tests. Thereafter, the ICC issued Warming Trends® a Product Certificate confirming compliance with all current 2020 ANSI/CSA Standards. That certificate can be viewed here, at the ICC website.

While some manufacturers and suppliers are communicating in a way that is confusing or misleading, Warming Trends® will continue to explain the standards and certifications in a clear and consistent fashion.

FACT: A burner that is certified as ‘match lit’ is tested and certified with a 65,000 BTU orifice and no electronic ignition

While other manufacturers may or may not offer any burners that meet the current match lit certification requirements, Warming Trends® has more than 65 burners that are match lit certified. Our current ICC – ES PMG Product Certificate (effective November 2020) provides a complete list of Warming Trends® certified match lit burners. This list is also available on our website.

FACT: Burners that are sold in combination with electronic ignitions do not require a 65,000 BTU orifice to be certified

FACT: It is easy to identify which Warming Trends® products are certified

A list of every Warming Trends® certified burner is included in our Owner’s Guide and Instruction Manual, under the Resources tab of our website, and is available from our certifying body, the International Code Council online.

FACT: Certification is required for installation in certain areas and venues

The United States has not adopted the ANSI/CSA standards at a national level. Most U.S. jurisdictions regulate outdoor fire features at a local level. The vast majority of U.S. residential installations do not require certified burners. As such, those jurisdictions do not typically restrict match lit burners to 65,000 BTU’s. Conversely, nearly all U.S. commercial venues require certified burners be used.

Canada has adopted the standards of ANSI Z21.97 CSA 2.41 2017. Only certified burners can be installed in that country.

Warming Trends® burners are sold throughout the United States and Canada.

FACT: We're here to help

If you have any questions about what burner would work best for your project, please contact us at or 303-346-2224. We are here to help.


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