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Welcome to Warming Trends!

Manufacturer of the Crossfire Burners & Custom Fire Pits

We are always actively looking for additional dealers and distributors to partner with. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of Warming Trends products, please contact us directly for dealer and distributor discounts.



Warming-Trends.com offers you a variety of Crossfire Burning Systems, Fire Pits, Portable Hearths, Fireplaces and Accessories to meet all your outdoor and patio warming needs. If you are in the market for fire pit accessories, you will find top quality products here on our website. When you are looking for backyard fire pits, you want something long-lasting, beautiful and efficient.

Our Crossfire Burning Systems produce twice the flame compared to traditional fire burning systems, while only consuming half of the fuel. This saves you money in the long term and gains you twice the heat in the short term.

Our fire pits, fireplaces, hearths and Crossfire Burner Systems will make a beautiful addition to outdoor ambiance. Whatever your needs are, we have a product to meet them. We create and manufacture custom fire pits to your specifications.

We understand there are a variety of budget ranges and we are confident we can accommodate a fire burning system that will be easy on your wallet and still provide you the product you desire.

Our ICC Design Certified (Crossfire) Combustion Burner System is the newest state of the art outdoor patio flame system. Our Burner System’s regulator was developed with a precise air to gas mixture ratio which produces a taller, brighter flame while using only half the fuel of conventional fire rings. This cutting edge technology has allowed our product to out perform all others on the market.

Warming Trends patented technology is unique only to our system which allows you the benefit of offering your client’s money and gas savings rewards. THINK GREEN! Stop using those old fashion fire rings and move into the future.

In addition to our patented Crossfire Systems, Warming Trends also manufactures and distributes custom fire pits, portable fire pits, custom fireplaces, patio fire pits, outdoor fire pits, fire pit hearths, tiki torches, automated electronic ignition systems, manual lit fire burner systems, outdoor gas logs, fire glass, lava rocks and more.

Please contact Warming-Trends regarding our systems and for a free quote.


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About Warming Trends the Company

We here at Warming Trends wanted to give you a glimpse into a little behind the scenes at our Fire Pit and Crossfire Burner manufacturing headquarters in Denver, CO - USA. A family operated and owned fire pit and outdoor burning system manufacturing company for over 18 years, we do all our fire pit creation right here on site.

From cutting custom plates, to welding custom fire pit frames, to custom burning systems, we make everything exactly to your dimensional requirements. You can choose from our three standard systems, OR, we can custom build any fire pits to your architectural needs. We work with homeowners, commercial businesses, architects, builders, contractors and landscape designers and pride ourselves that whatever your design requirements are, we can build it to your specs. We take pride in our craft and back all of our products with a full factory warranty.

Automated Submersible Fire in Water Burner

CFW Custom

Includes submersible automated ignition system with 6 manifold styles:

  • 7" Hexagon
  • 12" Rectangle or Square
  • 18" Rectangle or Square
  • 4' (2 rows) Linear

This fire pit burning system is designed as a water and fire feature. It automatically ignites and burns UNDER WATER!


Be sure to read our Customer Testimonials below as well as our Reviews on Houzz.com.

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custom fire pit


Just wanted to share a photo of our new patio and especially the fire pit. The burner is awesome!

Thanks for all of your help.  You have a fantastic product!


You and everyone at Warming Trends rock! I am so excited to be able to turn on my fire pit Mother's Day and have your product rather than a wimpy fire ring! Not only is my wife and mother-in-law going to be able to enjoy a fantastic dancing fire, I won't be sitting there feeling like a total loser because I know that your Cross Fire burning is what I really want. You guys saved my both my bacon and my man pride!

In all seriousness, I am completely in awe that you are able to do this for me. We live in an age of self-service, buying cheap off-shore products and crappy customer service. Clearly Warming Trends is bucking all of that craziness and delivering what your customers want - quality and service.

Thank you!!


I had to write and tell you how impressed we are with your unit. Once we had the gas line installed installation was simple, everything fit perfectly and the results are amazing. We created the fire pit on an outdoor patio in front of our hotel just for guests to enjoy but your flame system with the huge dancing flames makes such an impression that people driving by see it like a sign of quality and stop to inquire about a room. Since we have something unique and upscale from other properties they assume the rest of the hotel must also be upscale. It is better than a Vacancy sign. We absolutely love it. We can't wait until next year when we plan to install the auto system. Your design made it possible to test the concept late in the season at an economical budget and then expand the following year once we saw how effective it would be. Thank you for personally answering all our questions on the phone and for creating such a great web site to make our decision easy. We will recommend your system for the other hotels in our company considering a fire pit.

Don Hill - West Yellowstone Kelly Inn

custom fire pit

Thanks Ray!! As you can see, You have increased my creativity capacity by producing fire pans that have the uniqueness that our projects sometimes need to make our outdoor living projects a true work of art! :-)


I was looking for a fire pit burner with automatic ignition system and after much research I decided to go with Warming Trends crossfire burners. I installed the unit after bleeding the gas line, turned on the switch and it worked perfect the first time my client and I were impressed. Thanks Warming Trends for a great product.

Aztec Restoration & Remodel Albuquerque NM.

I purchased a fire pit system from Warming Trends about one year ago and I have been extremely pleased with their product. It has performed flawlessly and anyone that has been exposed to the product can not believe it is gas powered as the flame is so realistic! While working with the staff at Warming Trends I was impressed with their expertise and patience in designing what I wanted. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!


Doug Windemuller


Warming trends was spot on with their work. Very quick and easy to deal with. Price was extremely fair, and shipping was fast. Most and foremost the product knowledge that the staff has is by far better than anyone else I talked to. Now my fire pit in my back yard is the talk of the town, and a extremely awesome feature added to my back yard. Hands down the coolest product I have added to my back yard. Thank you Warming Trends for all your hard work. Pictures are coming soon!!

Landon G.

I have spent countless nights around the fire pit smoking cigars, drinking wine and conversing with friends. The fire pit lets my wife and I enjoy the outside on nights that we wouldn’t have thought of going outside, all thanks to your tremendous product. I have recommended your firm many times.

Have a great Holiday

I remain at your service,

Robert V.

I purchased a Crossfire Burner System from Warming Trends and retrofit it into an existing copper firepit. I am using simple lava rock as a cover. I did a lot of research before I bought this system. This is an outstanding looking fire ... by far the best looking gas fire I have ever seen. I highly recommend the Crossfire Burner and Warming Trends.

Fire Dancer Productions

We use a Warming Trends Burner for a Natural Gas Fire Pit in our Patio at our Fire House. I was so impressed that I ordered a Natural Gas burner kit from Warming Trends for my home patio fire pit. The Burner is made with the finest craftsmanship and materials. I have not seen a better gas burner out there. Most burners are made with stainless steel, like you would see in your BBQ, with little pin holes that get rusty and clogged. Warming Trends uses cast iron black pipe and large brass nozzles. The fire pit has a awesome flame and the valve regulates the flame for the right mood. Customer Service is just that. Not a hired non-english speaking outsourced firm. You actually speak to a live person who is in the building where they make it.....WOW. I wish more companies would do this. Shame on you if you go with one of THOSE big companies. Buy American, Buy Quality....You get what you pay for.

Tiki Bar Fire House


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What our customers are saying:


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I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at Warming Trends for your help and advice. My fire-pit came out exactly as I envisioned it and I couldn't have done it with one of those cheap fire rings. I didn't want a little blue flame that doesn't throw off any heat. I wanted something that looked real, actually provided the feel of a real fire and you guys didn't disappoint!  It took me about 10-12  hours to put this together over 4 days and I would have been done sooner but we had a lot of rain. 

Thanks Again everybody!

Ed - Redding, CT

custom fire pit

We just wanted to send you note to tell you how extremely pleased we are with our fire pit. It was so easy to install and the flame is way better than we imagined. We are enjoying it every evening!!

FYI - Our neighbor that referred us to that place in Broomfield is really mad because our fire pit is 10 times better than his. :-) And he paid twice as much as we did.

We will highly recommend your company anytime!!

Skeeter Wilson - Exit One Realty

custom fire pit

Hope all is well! I wanted to send you some pictures of the project it came out great! The cover looks good and the burner works better than expected. The flames really dance around although its been too hot in New Jersey to use right now.

Let me know what you think.


custom fire pit

I hired Warming Trends to make a custom brick fire pit for my back yard. I did not want a small flame and Warming Trends had the biggest flame I could find. They matched the brick on my house and shipped it to me quickly. I absolutely love my fire pit and receive many complements on it! I highly recommend Warming Trends!

custom fire pit

This is our fireplace that your company built the insert for. Our project is located in Garden City Kansas. We are extremely happy with the result. I have friends that have installed similar outdoor fireplaces with inserts from other companies and ours takes the prize everytime. One friend has gone as far as to request your information so they can make a change. Maybe some additonal business headed your way. Your product is great. Thank you

custom fire pit

I wanted to share a picture of our completed fire pit it looks great. Thank you for all of your help.

Matthew - Centerville, Ohio

custom fire pit

"The firepit arrived yesterday on time, was installed and is working beautifully! This thing is a flamethrower! Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work in expediting this to us on such short notice. We really appreciate it."

Aaron R. - m O r p h o s i s

Warming Trends built a custom fire tray for a back-yard feature. I would say my project was pretty small for them. The quality of the work was great but the flames didn't work so well. I took it back to their shop, explained how it was working, and kicked around a couple of ideas. They took the tray and rebuilt the burner assembly, no questions asked, no mention of additional labor or parts and material costs. The re-configured tray works great and is a key feature in our patio. All of the people at their office and shop are friendly, responsive and easy to communicate with. Applying the care and seriousness to a project as small as mine says something about their integrity.

I purchased one of the Crossfire Burners from Warming Trends for a new fire pit/patio. Their customer service was superior. Knowledgable and friendly, they sold me the proper burner for my application and the final product was a well made, commercial grade burner. Far superior to the stainless steel fire pit ring that I previously purchased and quickly returned. My fire pit looks beautiful and provides plenty of warmth for everyone around it. My kids even roast marshmallows on it in the evenings. Anyone who happens to see the burner has nothing but compliments, including contractors who sell the "other type". It was well worth going the extra mile to get a quality piece for a few extra dollars.

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