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Made in America: How Warming Trends® Delivers Despite the Pandemic

While many Americans are stuck at home during the pandemic, they’re finding new ways to enjoy their homes and expand their living spaces into their backyards. The demand for fire pits has risen greatly in the past year, and many manufacturers have struggled to keep up. At Warming Trends, we’ve always been proud to say our brass fire pit burners are made in the US — it’s even one of our four pillars — but this year, we’re thankful to say that manufacturing in America has enabled us to continue to reliably serve our customers throughout the pandemic.

How the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains

Global supply chains, while relied upon by many manufacturers and an important part of the world’s economy, have been fraught with complicating issues during the pandemic. These include:

  • Material shortages

  • Production delays

  • Labor shortages and restrictions

  • Shutdowns in foreign countries

  • Shipping delays and restrictions

Companies that source their parts from multiple other countries have experienced delays due to one or more parts being unavailable, caught up in the global supply chain. The increase in demand for fire pit burners, compounded by supply shortages and shipping delays, led to significant backorders and difficulty in getting their parts or products to the US.

While others have faced difficulties and delays from overseas suppliers, Warming Trends’ products are manufactured and assembled in the US, providing our dealers and distributors with a reliable inventory to sell to their customers.

Warming Trends hasn’t had to wait for parts to come in or deliveries to arrive. We’ve continued producing our parts and finished products, and shipping them out to our dealers and distributors. Wait times may have been a little longer than usual, since the US has certainly experienced its share of domestic shipping delays, labor restrictions, and shutdowns. The wait times, however, have been far less than the months customers would have waited for fire pit burners that are sourced and manufactured overseas.

What “Made in the USA” means to us (and for you)

Being Made in the USA now means many things to us at Warming Trends. It means that the dedicated workers who make our parts and assemble our products have had job security. It means that our dealers and distributors have been able to continue offering quality products to their customers.

It also means that more people looking for new ways to enjoy their backyards and patios have been able to rely on their local Warming Trends dealers for quality fire pits. We’re humbled by the thought that we’ve been able to provide customers with a bright spot around which to congregate during a stressful year, and for that, Warming Trends is incredibly grateful to be made in America.

Long story short, you don’t have to put your dreams of the perfect outdoor living space on hold. Check out our Isolation Inspiration series Part I and Part II for great ideas on how to incorporate a fire pit into your backyard.


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