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Warming Trends Fire Pit

About Warming Trends!

Manufacturer of the Crossfire™ Brass Burning Systems & Custom Fire Pits! Warming Trends™ is a family owned and operated business, celebrating its twentieth year in business. Warming Trends™ specializes in manufacturing our ICC Design Certified Crossfire™ Brass Burning System. Along with our Crossfire™ Brass Burning System, Warming Trends™ also manufactures and distributes custom fire pits, Ready-to-Finish Fire Pit Kits, outdoor fireplaces, custom SteelLogs, Fireglass, & Media.

Warming Trends™ utilizes the latest and greatest technology in our manufacturing efforts. All brass components are machined in-house with our SCNC. Aluminium Plates and Pans are cut using our WaterJet. Our machinery ensures accuracy to the millimeter, further enhancing the unique nature of our products.

Warming Trends™ understands that there are a variety of budget ranges and we are confident that we can accommodate a fire burning system that will be easy on your wallet and still provide you the product you desire.

All custom fire pits and Crossfire™ Brass Burners are Made In The USA and manufactured on site at our headquarters in Littleton, Colorado.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and make certain that all of our systems are manufactured standard quality and we back all of our Crossfire™ Brass Burning Systems with a Full Lifetime Warranty.